Rust linen Safiya trousers (from Make It Simple)

This pattern is the main reason I bought the new Tilly and the Buttons book (aside from the fact that all her books are amazing!). As you may remember from my New Year’s Resewlutions post, this year I want to make more trousers, and this pattern ticks all the boxes for me: elastic waist, flat front waistband, wide legs, high waisted… plus it’s from Tilly and the Buttons so I know what size I am without having to make a toile!

This year I’m trying out a new sewing strategy: sewing my summer wardrobe in advance, so then during the summer holidays I can focus on sewing the winter projects. My rationale for this is that up until May I’ll be really busy with school-work, so won’t have the energy to make anything complicated, whereas in the summer holidays I’ll have loads of free time and can make cold weather clothes which tend to be more complex.

With that strategy in mind, I made these trousers in a medium weight ramie from Textile Express, so in summer they’ll keep me cool. It’s almost impossible to find a nice linen/ramie to make trousers with; most of them are slightly see-through because their weave is so open, which also means the bum and knees start to sag after you’ve worn them for a day! It’s been too cold to wear these trousers much yet, but the fabric has a really good weight to it so I don’t think I’ll have any of these problems.

I cut a size 2 and didn’t make any adjustments except for adding 3cm to the rise- not a fit issue, I just wanted them to be super high-waisted so I could wear them with my shorter tops. I’m in between a size 1 and a size 2 in the waist, but I decided to cut a straight size 2 so I’d definitely be able to get the trousers over my hips. However, this meant I had to use a much shorter length of elastic than what they recommend in the book (this is also because I added to the rise so they sit on my natural waist, whereas they’re meant to sit lower). I found the leg length to be absolutely perfect for me, so no changes there.

I added the optional pockets, and I kind of regret doing this… adding the pockets almost doubled the amount of time it took to make the trousers, and in the end they’re not even that useful. Because of the elastic waist they’re pulled towards the back, so it’s quite awkward to use them (see below for evidence!). I now understand why other patterns with this type of waistband use diagonal pockets, as these would be more accessible from the front.

This project took me two evenings to make, including the pockets. If you left them out you could easily make this in a couple of hours, which is SO FAST for a pair of trousers! I think this pattern would work well for batch sewing, which I may try in the future.

Overall I’m thrilled with my new trousers, and I plan on making many more! I can see them becoming a very useful wardrobe staple in summer, as they’re comfy (secret pyjamas!) and will keep you cool. I’ve been meaning to make a pair of high waisted trousers for almost a year, because I have so many cropped tops that I have nothing to wear with; I’m so happy I’ve finally filled this gap in my wardrobe!

Also, remember that long black duster coat I made in the summer? Well, I’ve barely worn it, so I decided to crop it to a more useful length. The new jacket goes perfectly with my Safiya trousers and my Morning Glory top wrap hack; this is my new favourite outfit!

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