Sewing My Own Wardrobe (!)

I’m about to embark on an exciting new adventure: sewing all my own clothes for a year! Right now I’m fairly competent at sewing, but I really want to take my skills to the next level, and this will help me get there. I thought I’d start out by setting a few rules:

  1. I won’t buy any new clothes (at all!) for the next year. If I want a new piece of clothing, I’ll have to make it myself. This means the money I would be spending on clothes can instead be put towards buying fabric, trimmings, and any other sewing stuff I might need.
  2. To start off with, I’ll work my way through the projects in the Tilly and The Buttons book, Love At First Stitch (they get gradually more challenging as the book goes on, and each project has super-detailed instructions, so it’s the perfect way to start off).
  3. I’ll post photos of each garment I make and a short ‘review’ of the pattern used, describing its level of difficulty, the time taken to make it, total cost, and anything else I think will be helpful.

I’ll still be reviewing books (hopefully less sporadically than I have been recently!) but scattered amongst those posts will be sewing-related ones. It will definitely be a challenge to keep sewing regularly: I’m just about to start sixth form, and that alone will take some getting used to, but hopefully sewing will offer a nice respite from the stresses of school.

Stay tuned for my first review!

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