Mod A-line skirts

For my second sewing project, I made the Delphine skirt from the book Love At First Stitch, a simple a-line style with an invisible zip at the back. I ended up making two; this is the first:

This wonderfully psychedelic fabric had been sitting in my stash for ages, but I finally found the perfect use for it! The photo doesn’t really do the op-art print justice, but trust me, in person it makes your eyes hurt.

Overall, the pattern was fairly simple, but as I’d never inserted a zip before, let alone a concealed one, I had a bit of trouble with this part. It turned out okay-ish, but it definitely isn’t ‘invisible’!

Because I had to take up the hem so much, the a-line shape isn’t quite as exaggerated as it is in the book, but to be honest I prefer it as more of a mini-skirt.





Now for skirt number two:

p1280624.jpgWith this one, I chose a more understated fabric. Still quite ’60s, but more Nancy Drew than Mary Quant! The concealed zip went so much better than on the first skirt, and the whole garment was just neater in general, as I took my time more on each step.

The only problem I found with the pattern is that, because the length of zip suggested is intended to cater for all sizes, and I made mine in the smallest one, it has an irritating habit of bunching up around my arse. With the second skirt I used a zip that was an inch shorter, and now it fits fine (see below).


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