Pattern Review- ‘Coco’ by Tilly and the Buttons

The Coco pattern is for a super simple stretch dress or top. I made the dress version, and used the contrast yoke pattern hack from this blog post. Here’s how it turned out:

Coco is one of the fastest patterns I’ve ever made. It has a really clever construction; the sleeve and side seams are sewn as one, so there’s no need to set in the sleeves (hooray!), and overall there are barely any seams to sew.

I was determined to pattern match the side seams, and I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself…

I may have gone a bit overboard with the pins during pattern matching…

I am a huge fan of Tilly and the Buttons patterns, but the Coco is hands-down my favourite. It’s so comfy and easy to make, I’d go as far as to say it’s my favourite pattern ever! There seem to be infinite variations you can make, so be prepared to see many other Cocos in the future!

Pattern: ‘Coco’ from Tilly and the Buttons
Size/Fit: I made a size 1, no adjustments necessary.
Fabric: Striped and red ponte di roma, both from Fabric Godmother.
Sewing Time: A couple of hours.
Quality of instructions: Great, as is always the case with Tilly and the Buttons!
Difficulty: Easiest! Perfect for beginners.
Adjustments: Added contrast yoke.
Make again? Definitely.

3 thoughts on “Pattern Review- ‘Coco’ by Tilly and the Buttons

  1. Hi Ava,

    This dress looks absolutely fantastic. Such an “easy to wear” comfortable style. Looks like a really good pattern – endless variations. What a great job you did matching the stripes. I know just how difficult it it with stretch fabric. I love the contrasting yoke and sleeves – works SO well. I guess you have got your new overlocker? Can’t wait to see a demo!! Are you taking orders yet?

    Mims xxx



    1. Thank you so much Mims, it really is an amazing pattern! No I haven’t got an overlocker yet, we have to tidy the sewing room a bit first, so I sewed this using a narrow zig zag stitch which works just as well! Xxx


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