New years resewlutions and what I plan to make in 2020!

I tried doing the Make Nine challenge last year and failed miserably- I’d only been sewing for a few months and hadn’t really settled on a personal style at that point. The (since deleted) list was full of vintage style patterns from various decades, most of which were big four. Soon after making the list I realised what I really loved making were modern patterns from indie designers, making the list completely irrelevant! This year I want to keep it more vague in case my style changes, so I’m listing practices and techniques I want to try as well as specific patterns.

This post is mainly for me; hopefully if I’ve explicitly said what I want to make I’ll be more likely to actually do it!

Techniques I want to try:

Fine-tuning the fit on a trouser pattern, and then making loads of them in all different fabrics. The pattern I’m thinking of is the Wide Leg Pants from the Nani Iro sewing book (I love garments that have flat waistbands at the front and elastic at the back; hidden comfort!) I might also try drafting a custom crotch curve which I can then trace onto all my trouser patterns in future to ensure a good fit.

I want to focus on getting a few basic patterns to fit me really well, so I can keep making them over and over to create a wardrobe of interchangeable separates. In the past I haven’t been that picky about fit, but I’d like to spend more time on it so I get an idea of the common adjustments I have to make and can anticipate them. I know I always have to raise and shorten bust darts and grade up at the hips, but when it comes to fitting the back/shoulder area I’m completely clueless (and even more so when it comes to trousers!).


Continue not to buy any RTW clothing, and try to buy things secondhand before I resort to sewing something new (a more detailed post about this is on its way).

Use more sustainable fabrics (especially linen and tencel). When I do use cotton or other less sustainable fibres, buy deadstock or organic fabrics whenever possible.

Minimise fabric waste with lots of scrap busting projects. For stretchy fabric scraps I’m thinking makeup remover pads and underwear (which I’ve been doing already) and bias binding and a quilt with my wovens.

Patterns I’ll probably make… unless I change my mind!

Wide leg trousers from the Nani Iro Sewing Studio book.

Ninni Culottes from Named Clothing- basically like the Nani Iro trousers, but for summer.

LB Pullover from Paper Theory. I plan on making SEVERAL. Hopefully this can become my staple top pattern!

Several Watson bras from Cloth Habit- although, as a quick side note, I probably won’t post about underwear making on here anymore as I’ve gotten several creepy comments on my last posts. It’s been a hard decision for me to make, as underwear has become one of my favourite things to sew and I really enjoy blogging about it, but there you go. Some people are just little shits.

Another bikini, this time combining the top from the Vernazza Two Piece and the bottoms from the Sophie Swimsuit. As with the underwear though, I probably won’t be sharing that on here. Alas. I hate people.

A jumpsuit to wear on it’s own in summer and layer in winter. At the moment I can’t decide between the Zadie jumpsuit and the Peppermint jumpsuit, but I think Zadie will probably win, as I loathe sewing concealed zips!

A belted linen dress. Either the Peppermint Everyday dress (free!) or the Wiksten shift dress. I thought about hacking the Stevie tunic, but I’ve actually been going off that pattern a bit. Something about the grown on sleeves just doesn’t work with my shoulder shape, and I don’t know how to fix it.

And finally, LOTS of Sade blouses. I think this is the best fitting pattern I’ve ever made, so I see many more in my future! For my previous versions see here and here.

So there you have it; this year’s sewing plans! I’ve been quite inactive on here recently, so that’s another one of my resolutions; post more regularly! Happy New Year 🙂

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