Loungewear set: LB Pullover and Juno leggings

You may remember this outfit from Me Made May, in which it featured heavily! I love me-made loungewear, and my Stella set has been looking a bit worse for wear lately, so it was time to make something new…

This camel print jersey is from Lamazi Fabrics. It’s amazing quality; I’ve worn this set tons since I made it and it hasn’t bagged out at the knees despite me doing yoga in it many times! It has a good amount of stretch (perfect for the leggings) but also quite a lot of body for a jersey (so the T shirt holds its boxy shape).

Whilst this is a matching set, I used two completely different patterns for the top and the trousers:

For the top, I hacked the Paper Theory LB Pullover into a T shirt by removing the sleeves and adding a hem allowance to the armholes. Because it has dropped shoulders, I didn’t add any extra length to the sleeves because there was enough there already. I’m really pleased with how this hack turned out and I think it will be my go-to T shirt pattern from now on!

However, the one thing I would change is the neckline; it sits a bit too high at the front, so in future I’ll lower it by a few centimetres. For some reason I didn’t find this to be an issue in the other two LB Pullovers I’ve made, maybe because I used a softer jersey for the neckband compared to the one I used here?

The trousers are the Juno leggings from the Tilly and the Buttons book Love At First Stitch. I wanted something more fitted than the Stella joggers, but looser than leggings. These fit the bill perfectly; I wouldn’t wear the Stella joggers out because they look a bit too pyjamalike, but if the Junos were made in a different fabric (i.e without camels on it) I could definitely wear them to walk the dog in!

I cut a size 2 and didn’t make any major fit adjustments, except for adding a couple of centimetres to the rise because I prefer more highwaisted trousers. I also used a slightly wider elastic (which I factored in when adding to the rise) just because it was all I had to hand. If you’re thinking of combining these two patterns to make a matching set I would recommend adding to the rise, otherwise there might be an awkward gap between the top and the trousers.

I find this type of elastic insertion (sewing it to the raw edge, turning it to the wrong side and topstitching) much more comfortable than the elastic on the Stella joggers, which is held in a casing. Unlike on my Stellas, I don’t feel like the elastic is constantly trying to get twisted or flip to the inside. I actually find the wide elastic on the Stellas quite uncomfortable, so I much prefer the thinner elastic the Juno leggings calls for.

Overall, I’m really happy with how they fit!

I’m so pleased with my new(ish) loungewear set, and I think these two patterns work really well together! Next time one of my old RTW tracksuit bottoms wears out, I’ll replace it with a pair of Juno leggings!

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