Super comfy ‘Stella’ set (From TATB Stretch book)

I can’t believe I managed to go over a month without making a Tilly and the Buttons pattern; that must be a record for me! I couldn’t resist making the Stella set though, as I desperately need more cosy clothes to wear around the house. Here’s how it turned out:

(In my natural habitat of course…)

I made a size 1 in the hoodie and a size 2 in the joggers, as I normally grade up a size at the hips with Tilly’s patterns. I’m especially pleased with the fit of the hoodie, as it’s got that perfect not-too-tight, not-too-loose feel. Like, I can wear it over a T shirt, but it doesn’t swamp me.

The joggers also fit nicely, though the legs seemed quite a lot longer than in Tilly’s other patterns. That’s by no means a criticism (obviously it’s far easier to remove length than to add it) but if you’re a tall sewist this might be the pattern for you!

The in-seam pockets are one of my favourite parts of this pattern. I think they add a touch of crispness, and stop the joggers from looking too sloppy.

For the fabric I used a brushed cotton sweatshirting from Textile Express. It’s SO soft and snuggly that I’m considering making another set in a different colour (navy, perhaps?). The fleece hood lining was also from there.

I’ve never worked with sweatshirt material before, but it felt similar to a ponte in terms of stability and stretch. I liked that I could cut it without using my rotary cutter (which really hurts your hand after a while!).

Up to this point I’ve mostly made clothes to wear out, but to be honest I spend the majority of my time indoors. Partly because my hobbies are all indoor activities (knitting, sewing, reading etc), and also because of other factors like my anxiety. It feels wrong to have a whole wardrobe of lovely me-mades, yet spent most of my time in a rotation of shop-bought loungewear.

The Stella set has completely changed that. Since I made it, I’ve worn it non-stop (I’m wearing the hoodie as I type this!) and I can’t describe how amazing it is to truly wear me-made clothes every day!

Pattern: ‘Stella’ set from Stretch! by Tilly Walnes
Size/Fit: Size 1 in the hoodie, Size 2 in the joggers; both fit perfectly.
Fabric: Cotton sweatshirt jersey and fleece hood lining, both from Textile Express.
Sewing Time: Surprisingly quick! I made mine over a weekend.
Quality of instructions: Great, as usual.
Difficulty: Easy, as long as you’ve worked with stretch fabrics before.
Adjustments: None really, just shortening the joggers.
Make again? Definitely, I’ve already got loads of wear out of this set.

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