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Week no.1 of Me Made May!

I didn’t have enough handmade clothes to participate in Me Made May last year, but this year I do! I’ve been looking forward to Me Made May for months, so even though I’m stuck at home I’m still doing it regardless.

My pledge is:

  1. To wear at least one me-made item every day for the month of May. I’m including handmade socks, but not handmade underwear, as I wear that every day already so it wouldn’t be much of a challenge.
  2. As well as wearing me mades, I want to get better at documenting my makes, which includes: getting up to date with blog and Instagram posts (I’ve made so many things that I haven’t blogged about yet it’s ridiculous!) and taking more photos of the making process, not just of the finished products. This is especially focused on knitting, as I’m hoping to set up a space with good lighting where I can take nice flatlays of my knitting WIPs. So, be prepared for way more blog posts than normal this month!

Without further ado, here are my outfits for the first week of Me Made May:

Day 1:

On the first day I wore my Stella set from the book Stretch by Tilly Walnes, made in brushed cotton jersey from Textile Express. I also wore a pair of hand knitted slipper socks, from the first sock pattern I ever made up myself! This outfit was exceptionally cosy.

Day 2:

On the second day I decided to get dressed in ‘proper’ clothes, so I wore a Tilly and the Buttons Stevie top (which I batch-sewed at the same time as this dress) and a pair of Safiya dungarees from her new book Make it Simple. A blog post about these dungarees is in the works, because I have a lot to say about them!

I haven’t got much wear out of this top because I stretched the fabric out a bit when I was sewing it, so it’s been sat in a box since last year. Something about being folded up and left must have done it some good though, because it doesn’t look distorted at all now! Maybe I was just being a perfectionist before.

I’m also wearing a pair of hand knitted rainbow socks, one of the first pairs I ever made.

I had to add a RTW cardigan on top, because I’m always cold 😦

Day 3:

Only me-made socks today, I’m afraid. It was really cold and none of my hand sewn clothes were warm enough (which reminds me, I need to make myself some warm trousers ASAP!)

Soon I’m going to do a roundup post of all the socks I’ve made in the last six months, and these ones will be on there so keep an eye out.

Day 4:

Today you get two outfits: This first one was for doing yoga, and it’s my french terry LB Pullover. For some reason it’s the perfect yoga jumper!

Once I’d done yoga I changed into my Stevie smock dress hack. As always, I was cold, so I layered it over a RTW top. I don’t normally layer things under my me-mades, but I actually really like the effect! I find it really annoying in winter when I have to cover up my me-mades with a boring jumper, so this could be a clever way round it!

Day 5:

Day five’s outfit consisted of: my linen LB Pullover, a pair of RTW jeans, and the hand knitted socks from day two.

Day 6:

Finally some warm weather! I dressed entirely in ramie for Day 6: Ramie Safiya trousers and a ramie Helen’s Closet Ashton top (blog post to come!), both of the fabrics from Textile Express. This outfit kept me nice and cool.

I’m also wearing spotty Yayoi Kusama socks!

Day 7:

Once again I wore my beloved Stella jogging bottoms, this time with my favourite T shirt (can you guess why I love it?). There are a lot of days at the moment when my mental health isn’t too great, and I just want to wear something comfy and cosy; these joggers are perfect for that.

So that’s it for week one! Hopefully I’ll do one of these outfit roundups every week for the whole of May, so I’ll see you next week!

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