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Me Made May: Weeks 2 & 3

Originally I was going to do a Me Made May post each week, but as you can see, that hasn’t happened! So this will be one big roundup for weeks two and three:

Day 8:

This day was really warm, so I wore a pair of Safiya shorts I batch sewed last month (along with a pair of Safiya trousers) with my Named clothing Sade blouse (see here and here). The shorts are made from tencel twill and the top is made from lightweight cotton, both from Merchant and Mills. This was the perfect warm weather outfit; lightweight and comfy!

Day 9:

On day nine I wore my beloved Stevie smock dress.

Day 10:

Day ten’s me mades were both knitted: my Salut Cheri beret and my Pretty Thing cowl. I’m going to be honest, I only wore these to take the dog for a walk. It still counts, right?

Day 11:

Yet another Stevie dress; I think there might be a recurring theme here!

Day 12:

I haven’t blogged about this make yet, but it’s a set I made using the Juno leggings (from the book Make It Simple) and the LB Pullover hacked into a t shirt. Me made loungewear is the best! I also wore my Twin Peaks socks.

Day 13:

I love wearing all black outfits sometimes. This one is made up of my linen LB Pullover, tencel Safiya trousers (made at the same time as my shorts), my scrappy advent calendar socks, and a hat I recently knitted.

Day 14:

Here’s the hat from yesterday, in all it’s cabled glory. Blog post coming soon (or, you know, in the next few months…).

Day 15:

Linen LB Pullover again, plus a pair of hand knitted socks. I made these in Retrosaria Rosa Pomar ‘Mondim’ yarn, which was an absolute joy to knit with and wear!

Day 16:

A full Tilly and the Buttons outfit today: Safiya dungarees and a very old Coco top. This top is actually a bit small for me now, so it might be time for it to retire.

Day 17:

The Juno leggings from my loungewear set. I really should have worn sunglasses in this photo. Don’t look at the sun, kids.

Day 18:

My french terry LB Pullover. There have been many days lately when I’ve only wanted to wear stretchy clothes.

Day 19:

Safiya dungarees once again. Can you tell how much I love them?

Day 20:

Yet another still-to-be-blogged make; an Ashton top from Helen’s Closet in the ubiquitous Crowded Faces fabric, paired with my Safiya trousers. I love the combination of the A-line top with the high waist and wide legs of the trousers; it’s my favourite silhouette at the moment!

Day 21:

On the final day of week three, I wore my floral Wilder gown. I added waist ties to this so I could adjust the fit, but I never use them so I might just cut them off…

So, that’s it for weeks 2 and 3! I haven’t kept to my pledge of getting the blog up to date (as you can see from the amount of unblogged garments on this post), but hopefully my blog mojo will return soon.

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