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Me Made May: Final week (and what I’ve learned)

Hey, long time no see!

Apologies for not posting this nearer to May, but here it is; my final outfits from Me Made May 2020!

Day 22:

To start off the week I wore my LB Pullover T shirt hack, in camel print jersey from Lamazi Fabrics.

Day 23:

On this day, the only me made item I wore was a cabled hat. And to be honest I only wore it for about an hour in the evening. I think this still counts?

Day 24:

Surprise! I got a buzzcut! Bet you didn’t see that coming…

Here I’m wearing an Ashton top made with ramie from Textile Express.

Does this mean I have to change my blog logo now??

Day 25:

Here I’m wearing a Sade blouse and a pair of tencel twill Safiya shorts.

Day 26:

Hot weather = Wilder gown!

Day 27:

On this day I wore my long sleeved Sade blouse and my rust Safiya trousers.

I kind of felt like a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender in this outfit… especially with my shaved head. All I need to do to complete the look is paint an arrow on my forehead!

Day 28:

I actually made this dress on the day, so it’s hot off the sewing machine! I made it using the Folkwear pattern ‘219- Intimacies’, which is based on 1920s/30s underwear. It’s cut on the bias, hence that beautiful drape!

Day 29:

On this day I wore another Ashton top and a linen wrap skirt I made aaages ago. I really liked the silhouette of pairing two A-line garments together.

Day 30:

This was a cosy pyjama day, so I wore my matching set with camels on it. It’s made up of the Juno leggings from the book Make it Simple, and the LB Pullover T shirt hack from earlier in the week.

Day 31:

For the very last day, I wore an all black outfit consisting of an Ashton top and a pair of tencel twill Safiya trousers.

I did it! I wore a me-made item every day for the whole month! I haven’t kept up with my other goal of getting my blog posts up to date, but I’m not stressing about it too much.

What I’ve learned from Me Made May:

The whole point of Me Made May is to give you some insights on your wardrobe, and I’ve definitely noticed a few things about mine throughout the month:

Standout patterns:

These are the patterns that I wore at least once a week:

No surprises there; aside from the Ashton tops and Juno leggings (which are relatively new makes) these have all been on my TNT pattern list for ages!

Standout outfits (and fabrics):

I’m putting in this section so I have an excuse to rave about my new favourite outfit formula: The Ashton top + the Safiya trousers! The silhouette, the secret pyjama factor, the layerability… I love everything about this outfit, especially when it’s made out of Textile Express’ linen-look ramie. I’ve become slightly obsessed with this fabric, which just so happens to work perfectly for both the Ashton top and the Safiya trousers! I see many more ramie outfits in my future…

I need to make more…

  • Loose, flowy midi dresses for very hot weather. My Wilder and Stevie dresses got a lot of wear, which tells me I need to make some similar dresses so I don’t end up wearing them to death! When the weather is really hot, I don’t want my clothes to be at all tight or fitted, and this style of loose dress is perfect because it sits away from the body and doesn’t cling.
  • Elastic waisted midi skirts. I don’t currently own any, but there were several hot days in May when I wished for something to wear with my Ashton tops that wasn’t another pair of Safiya trousers. I’m thinking of making the Gypsum skirt from Sew Liberated, out of a light weight linen or tencel… Basically I want a skirt equivalent of the midi dresses I mentioned above!
  • Loungewear. I wore my me-made loungewear way more than I thought I would during May. There’s just something extra comforting about cosy clothes if they’ve been made specifically for you. It’s like giving yourself a present.

That’s a wrap on Me Made May 2020! Thank you for joining me 🙂

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